Jura Descaling Tablets - 120 Pack

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Jura Descaling Tablets - 120 Pack
Package of 120 Jura brand descaling tablets for use with any Jura Super Automatic Coffee Centre.

Decalcifying or De-scaling your espresso machine with Jura Descaling tablets

Hard water deposits are one of the most common problems with all coffee or espresso appliances that dispense or use hot water. These natural minerals damage boilers and clog small tubes and pipes that deliver the hot water and steam. It is the hot water and steam that is needed to produce espresso, coffee, steam and hot water. The key components of espresso, coffee and steamed or frothed milk is the steam or hot water under pressure. It is imperative that you de-scale your espresso machine using Jura descaling tablets in order to keep it working properly and to comply with your espresso machine warranty.

Calcium builds up in the boiler and tubes of your super automatic espresso machine. If you fail to use your Jura descaling tablets regularly your espresso machine will eventually fail to operate. Scale or calcium deposits accumulate in the small tubes causing a blockage of water flow. If water or steam can not pass through these water tubes, you will not be able to produce espresso, coffee, hot water or steam for frothing your milk.

As a general rule, decalcifying or de-scaling with Jura descaling tablets should be performed once every two months, or when your espresso machine indicates de-scaling is necessary. You should test your water for hardness so you can adjust your de-scaling alerts. Harder water means you need to decalcify more often. If you use filtered or distilled water, you machine will have minimum calcium buildup and de-scaling will not be needed as often.

The de-scaling or decalcifying procedure is not very difficult when using Jura descaling tablets. Basically you dissolve the de-scaling tablets in water, pour this solution into your water reservoir and run the de-scaling cycle. Always be sure to clean up all solution spills and splashes quickly. Remember this solution is made to dissolve calcium; it is capable of dissolving other surfaces as well. Use caution.