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Contest Rules & Regulations

Rules, terms and conditions

Contest Prize

All eligible entries will have the chance to be picked as the winner of the contest. The winner, provided the entry is sustained as eligible, will be awarded with a Jura A1 Piano Black, which has a retail value of $1195.00 before HST. Entering the contest does not entitle a person to the contest prize.



Entries to the contest will only be accepted starting January 20, 2020 through to April 30, 2020, regardless if the entry form was accessed before or after these dates. Entry will only be available and will only be accepted through links accessible from the Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on the Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. website. Kiosk entry will also be available at the Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. booth at the 2020 Canadian Small and Medium Business Expo, which will only be available during the day of the Trade Show: January 20, 2020, during the hours of operation of the Event. The entry process consists of the person providing their name, email address, city of residence and phone number. Any entries that are made using an email address that was already entered in a previous entry will be disregarded and therefore will not be eligible to being chosen as the winner of the contest.



Only Canadian residents are to be considered for the winning prize, meaning any entries consisting of non-Canadian cities of residence will be disregarded and ineligible to winning the contest. Eligibility to winning the prize is only given if the contestant's name, email address, city of residence and phone number is submitted. All of the submitted information must be accurate and that of the specific contestant. A contest entry featuring inaccurate information, information not belonging to that of the contestant or information that is not consistent with our eligibility requirements will be classified as a false entry and will not be eligible to winning the contest. If a false entry is picked as the winner of the contest and the person who created the false entry is contacted and made aware of being chosen as the winner before the entry's ineligibility is discovered, we reserve the right to disqualify the entry, making the person ineligible to collecting the contest prize. In this case, an eligible entry will be picked as the contest winner.


Contacting Contest Winner

The winner of the contest will be contacted on April 30, 2020 via the phone number and email address provided in the contest entry. On April 30, 2020, the contest winner will receive a phone call from Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc., as well as an email stating that the person has won the contest and that they are to contact the provided phone number (included in the email). If the attempts to contact the winner are not met with a reply, we will allow a three to six hour period before making another phone call. If the second attempt is still left unanswered, the person will be contacted a third, final time the day after the initial phone call: May 1, 2020. Failure to respond by the end of the day of May 1, 2020 will be interpreted as a withdrawal from the contest, and the person will no longer be entitled to the prize. There are no exceptions to this policy, regardless of any circumstances surrounding the failure to respond. In this situation, a new contest winner will be chosen and will be contacted the following day, May 2, 2020. From here, the above contact schedule and response deadlines will apply to the newly selected winner, again with no exceptions made regardless of circumstance.


Prize Pickup

The contest winner is responsible for the pickup of the winning prize. Under no circumstances will Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. deliver or ship the prize to the recipient. Once the chosen contest winner has replied to Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc., the location of the prize pickup will be determined. Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. will also explain the obligations of the prize recipient at the appointment of pickup that must be fulfilled to receive the contest prize (listed in this paragraph). The location of pickup will be Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. showroom at 1530 Birchmount Road, Unit 3, Toronto, Ontario. We cannot guarantee the distance that this may be from the winner's city of residence. We cannot guarantee that the time or date of pickup requested by the contest winner will be feasible. Failure to remain in contact with Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. for over two days (unless Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. was previously made aware of the upcoming absence) will be interpreted as the person defaulting from collecting the contest prize and will be ineligible to do so. If a person fails to present themselves at the date and time of the prize pickup, the person will be contacted to confirm the pickup appointment. Failure to present themselves at this pickup appointment will be interpreted as the person defaulting from collecting the contest prize and will be ineligible to do so. Upon arriving at the pickup location, a form of government issued identification will be requested to confirm the identity of the winner. Under no circumstances can another person collect the prize on the winner's behalf and we reserve the right to refuse the prize from being collected in this situation. Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. also requires the prize recipient to appear in a photograph with the contest prize. The photograph will be taken at the appointment of pick-up. The photograph will be used in Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. promotional media, including social media and company websites. By refusing to appear in this photograph, the person is also defaulting from collecting the contest prize and will become ineligible to do so.


Collected Information

Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. is committed to storing the collected information in a secure manner. There are protective measures in place to prevent the misuse or unauthorized access of user information. The primary use the collected information is to contact the contest winner. The email and phone number given in each entry will be used if the entry is chosen as the winner. The purpose of collecting the city of residence of the contestants is to, first, confirm that the contestant is eligible to win as a Canadian resident, and second, to connect the winner with the appropriate retail outlet or affiliate to collect the prize. The provided information will also be used when the winner arrives to collect the prize, as a form of government issued identification will be requested to confirm the identity of the winner. By entering the contest and providing Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. with a valid email address, the contestant is also consenting to receive Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. promotional material. Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc will send promotional emails that are intended to inform interested individuals and potential customers of current product offers and deals available to them. The recipient of the promotional emails can unsubscribe at any time. A person who wishes to remove their information completely from our database may do so by contacting Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. directly during our business hours. By doing so, the person is also removing themselves from the list of email recipients and withdrawing from any contests in which they have entered that are running at the time of the request.

No purchase necessary. Contest closes April 30, 2020 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST. Open to eligible Canadian residents who have reached the age of majority. Limit of one (1) entry per person during the Contest Period. There is one (1) Grand Prize available to be won. A random draw will be used to determine the winner, who will be contacted directly on April 30, 2020. Copyright 2020 Pavin Caffe Ontario Inc. all rights reserved.



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