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Elektra A1 Mini Verticale Chrome

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Elektra A1 Mini Verticale Espresso Machine

Enjoy fresh espresso that tastes as good as this chrome espresso machine looks! This gorgeous-looking machine doubles as décor in your kitchen at home or in your coffee shop. Its dual-purpose brass boiler allows you to extract quality espresso when it’s in “coffee” mode, and it also provides steam to make cappuccino and latte beverages. It’s easily the best coffee and espresso machine on the market. 

The Elektra Mini Verticale A1 coffee maker can brew some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. For optimal quality, we recommend practicing espresso extraction as well as frothing. Located on the left side are the power and coffee push buttons; the steaming mode button is on the right. After warming up, the steam knob can be turned to open the steam valve, allowing the steam to exit the steam wand for frothing/steaming milk. 


  • Removable drip tray and cover.
  • Three way solenoid valve allows quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction.
  • Water reservoir can be removed by removing holding screw attached to bracket and reservoir.
  • Finish: Copper body panels and Brass dome/base with clear coat finish only needs to be wiped with a damp terry cloth.
  • Accessories: One portafilter with bakelite handle and two spouts, one cup filter basket, two cup filter basket, plastic tamper, and plastic scoop.


Elektra informed us that every one of their home machines is tested with water and coffee to insure there are no leaks under pressure and to insure proper operation when received by the customer. Although they clean each grouphead to the best of their ability, you may find some coffee grinds in the grouphead or on the machine when dislodged from the grouphead during shipping.

Assembly required: Eagle needs to be attached to dome with screw, washer, and extender. Please note that each eagle has its own distinction, meaning that they are not perfect from the mold. In fact, these eagles are hand made and plated, and each one is different - just like real eagles.

Cup holding tray under dome fits demitasse cups only - although the tray offers some heat, we do not think any home espresso machine offers enough heat to properly warm up cups.

Elektra espresso machines feature a high polish finish, with materials ranging from chrome to copper to brass. Most parts are clear-coated. Special attention is required when cleaning. Hash products can eat away at the clear coat or even etch the chromed finish. Descaling solution can eat clean through plating.

The exterior color, which includes a clear coat finish, will naturally change as each each Elektra machine ages. This would not be covered under warranty as color changes are not considered manufacturer's defects.


Parts & Components
Technical Specs Boiler Capacity liters 2 - 68oz, Safety valve yes, Safety Thermostat yes, Heating Element 1000 W., Hertz 60-50/60 Hz. Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) in mm. 330x330x690 - 13"x13"x27", Weight 14 Kg. - 490oz

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