Jura Z10 Automatic Hot & Cold Coffe Machine

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Explore a new level of coffee pleasure with the Z10. Jura's revolutionary machine boasts a unique cold brew feature and a variety of specialty drinks, all at your fingertips.

  • Product Recognizing Grinder (PRG): Achieves a flawless grind consistently, ensuring precision and consistency in every cup.
  • Automatic Cold Brew: Rapidly creates smooth, naturally sweet cold brew coffee in minutes, setting it apart from traditional methods that take 12-24 hours.
  • Extensive Drink Selection: Boasts Espresso, Cappuccino, Cold Brew variants, and more - offering the largest selection of drinks for endless coffee possibilities.
  • Fully Customizable Menu: Allows you to tailor every drink to your preference – adjusting coffee volume, milk temperature, and more.
  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P): Utilizes the renowned Jura brewing method, delivering the most authentic flavor and aroma.
  • 3D Brewing Technology: Guarantees even water flow through coffee grinds for both hot and cold brews, maximizing aroma.
  • Smart Mode: Features an AI-powered capability that learns your coffee preferences and customizes the menu accordingly.
  • Sleek, Durable Design: Exhibits high-quality materials and engineering precision, ensuring gastronomic and aesthetic excellence.
  • Automatic Ceramic Milk Valve: Seamlessly switches between milk and milk foam during preparation without any user intervention.
  • Intelligent Preheating: Guarantees your coffee is hot from the very first cup.
  • Self-Cleaning: Offers hassle-free cleaning without the need to remove the brewing unit or fuss with internal mechanisms.
  • Sustainability: Utilizes fresh ground coffee beans for every cup, creating only compost and no waste.
  • Grinder By-pass: Provides the option to bypass the grinder with pre-ground coffee for decaf or other blends.
  • Wifi Connectivity: Enables remote control of your machine from your phone or smartwatch with the new WIFI Connect feature.