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Tea Kettles

Tea Kettle

What makes great tea? The perfect proportion and addition of high-quality tea into steamy hot water. Our selection of tea kettles permit the water to be heated quickly, allowing you to produce perfect tea every time you decide to brew a cup. Our electric water kettles can produce boiling hot water easily, allowing portable use when a stove-top is not accessible. Use any of our electric water kettles for hot tea or coffee. Brew tea in no time with an electric tea pot. Simply push a button and wait for the water to boil quickly and quietly. 

Our tea infusers allow you to simplify the art of making the perfect cup of tea. If you prefer to use loose tea leaves to create your own flavors, a tea infuser will become a kitchen staple for you or the tea aficionado in your life. A tea press is a great solution if you want to steep fresh loose leaf tea to its fullest potential. 

Bodum Columbia Double Wall Tea Press (1.2 L)

Brand: Capresso

Product Code: Bodum Columbia Double Wall Tea Press 1.2L

Bodum Columbia Double Wall Tea Press 1.2L 

This tea press is a simple way to brew loose leaf or bagged tea without ever having to worry about over steeping or cold tea. The press function prevents over-steeping by completely halting the brewing process whenever you choose, and the double stainless steel walls keep your tea warm for up to 2 hours. The Columbia Tea Press ensures your tea maintains the same level of extraction and flavour with each cup.
Bodum Columbia Double Wall Tea Press 1.2L This tea press is a simple way to brew loose leaf or ..
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