Since 1950

Story of Pavin Caffe

For more than 70 years, Pavin Caffe prides itself on delivering world-class micro-roasted coffee sourced from Italy. Our coffee blends combine 21st-century technology with classic artisan craftsmanship. Before a Pavin Caffe blend reaches your table, our skilled baristas and master coffee roasters quality-control and test each batch of coffee beans to ensure your next latte, cappuccino, and coffee blend is roasted to perfection.

  • Quality

    Since 1950 we're committed to providing a top-tier coffee experience, sourcing the best beans globally and roasting them to perfection.

  • Sustainability

    We prioritizes eco-friendly coffee production, sourcing sustainably and using energy-efficient roasting methods.

  • Flavor

    Rich, bold, and colorful flavor profiles mean a coffee blend that fits your palette, mood, and style.


Brew Something New

Elevate your coffee experience with smooth and delicious Torani syrups and sauces designed to bring the best out of your next brew. Make it a great day — with Pavin Caffe.

  • I've been coming to Pavin's for about a year now. They have a wonderful selection of espresso beans which are all delicious. Large selection of coffee machines on display as well.

  • To complement their exceptional beans, Pavin Caffe offers a range of cutting-edge coffee machines. The carefully curated selection of coffee beans ensures a rich and diverse flavor

  • The quality and service provided by Pavin Caffe Canada always exceeds my expectations and starts my day off with a perfect coffee experience!