Rocket Bottomless Portafilter

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Bottomless (naked) portafilters, such as the Rocket 58mm naked portafilter allow the barista to see how the espresso is extracting from the machine. Using a bottomless portafilter allows the barista to see if blonding or channelling  

Since using the bottomless portafilter allows you to view the full extraction, it makes it easier to see what techniques need to be adjusted in order to pull a better shot.

Common Extraction Issues It can help you address:

Blonding: When there is an under-extraction that causes the shot to turn a light colour too early on in the extraction. Adjusting the grind or tamp could solve this.

Channelling: When the espresso is dripping or spurting out at different spots or angles. This occurs when the coffee grounds or tamp were not consistently spread across the portafilter allowing the water to find an open channel rather than evenly spreading across the whole surface.

The Rocket bottomless portafilter and barista tool is one of the best products for espresso extraction. It offers a great view of the espresso stream so baristas can easily detect and prevent problems to ensure the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte every time. Pair it with the Rocket Giotto, Rocket Cellini, Rocket R58 or Rocket Appartamento machines for a perfect match!